Paela Zaccaria

28 years old, from Alberobello (Bari), he started to play bass in 1995 as autodidact, playing tunes from Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Guns n' Roses etc. In 1998 he approached Dream Theater’s music and began to play their songs. Looking to find his own musical identity and in order to increase his technical skills, in 2001 he attended the Multistylistic Two Years Course at Università della Musica in Rome, where he was awarded with a grant in both years. In 2006 he attended the Studio-Recording XAM Master Course at Percento Musica in Rome. Beside writing for his solo projects as well as for other band projects, he is developing his Chapman Stick playing technique: he is also working on effect room experimental creation, using exclusively the electric bass and the Stick. He recently joined a rock-metal band called "Zoid" (that recently released their first Ep), the "Dopolavoro Ferroviario", one of the most interesting and original acts of the italian music scene (Heineken Jammin' Festival Contest winner in 2005) and also "Artifex", industrial metal band which is going to release their fourth album. In July 2008 he attended a five days bass clinic with Billy Sheehan at Rockampus. Between April and May 2009 he played with Paul Gilbert and Virgil Donati, during their clinic shows in Italy. He's currently focusing on a solo project based on the Chapman Stick.


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