Giorgio Barozzi

24 years old, he has been studying music since he was very young. At the age of 4, he was already taking piano lessons from his parents (both music teachers), while only some years later he got in touch with his first electronic keyboard, a Gem WX2 of his father. He studied for three years with Prof. Santina Fico, but he was not very interested in following a career in the Conservatory, as his truest aspirations were in the field of improvisation and composition. Therefore, he left classical music for a crucial 12-month period, with the aim of developing his musical ear, a fundamental skill which all his teacher had always seen in him. In this period he also met Dream Theater and their album “Scenes From A Memory”, with Jordan Rudess becoming his main musical reference. At the age of 15, he finally start to learn about improvisation with the well-known piano jazz player Raffaele Zumpano, while at the same time he completed his classical studies in September 2007 with a license in Theory and Solfeggio.

In 2009 Giorgio decided to attend Conservatory and he's having some collaborations with several bands, from pop to rock progressive genre.


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YouTube: giorgiobarozzi89
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