Luca Marconi

Luca Marconi is born singer, in fact since he was a child he loves singing every song, that remains printed in his mind. He makes knowledge of Pop music thanks to the commonest and powerful Media: Radio and Tv. He studies for two years and half ( 8-10 years old) the Piano by Massimiliano Caporale, a private teacher, but then he decides to abandon his studies because of his not totally mature passion for music.In 2000 there is a great change, he makes his knowledge of the metal world and in particular of the most famous english metal voice: Bruce Dickinson. The passion for this kind of music urges him to study professionally his instrument. In July 2003 he begins his studies of lirical singing with the teacher Matteo Trentacarlini, who increases in him the love for singing and for music in every aspect more than ever.
His first experience with a band is Picaroon's Spark, of which he is lead vocals since the band was born. In 2004/05 he studies modern singing with the teacher Marco D'Angelo by Saint Luis College of Music. In the summer of the same year he studies lirical singing with the tenor Alberto Martinelli, who prepares him for the audition by the conservatory of L'Aquila "A.Casella", where he attends the first year of the vocal course in 2006/07. After this year he decides to abandon the classical study to dedicate himself totally to the modern one.
Since 2006 he lives in Rome and studies with the great teacher Stefano Zanchetti and he brings straight ahead a project, that only few years ago was started as a joke, but that today has become a goal clearer more than ever: to become a prefessional singer and to play everywhere possible to spread his voice around. December 2007 signs the official enter into official Discography. With the band, Picaroon’s Spark, he realises and produces the band debut album, entitled “Nightfeast in highfires wood”, distributed in the whole Italian country by VideoRadio and promoted during the same year with a lot of concerts around the nation.
In 2008 takes part to national selections for X-Factor Italia, and after the first auditions, he is selected together with thirty people, among ten thousand people, to take part to the last selection before the format, not reaching anyway the last goal. Nowadays he teaches singing at International Music Institute in Rome and he continues studying, playing gigs everywhere with his band and working in studio, trying to improve himself to be ready to the professional career. In 2009 he takes part to the InToto project, a tribute to the american band Toto and keeps playing live in Rome live clubs, recording a live DVD of during a concert at Crossroads Live Club in Rome. In the same year he joins the band YtseJam Kr, the last official italian tribute band elected by the offcial italian fanclub, of the Prog-Metal giants Dream Theater, with which he plays in the most important italian locations and live clubs.
In the same year he joins the ensamble of the contemporary Orchestra of Teramo, with which he performs a very wide and various repertory, from progressive rock to jazz, from funky to soul. The 29th of November 2010 he perfroms with the Orchestra at the city theatre in Teramo with two members of the hystorical englishl band Gentle Giant, Gary Green (guitars) e Malcolm Mortimore (drums), receiving general conset from audience and musicians too.
In the December of the same year, he begins his theatrical experience, with the Musical L' Arca di Giada, playing the role of Sansar, the male protagonist of the opera.
From May 2011 is Gringoire for 10th anniversary of the popular Opera of Riccardo Cocciante, Notre Dame de Paris, with which he will tour Italy for the whole year. Now is ready to wear that wanter blue jacket and sing Quasimodo's and Esmeralda's and the others characters story and to give the poetry of his character to the whole Notre Dame de Paris public.

His major influences are Bruce Dickinson, James Labrie and Freddie Mercury.


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